Wednesday Author Website War 3: Gonzalez vs. Nezhukumatathil

welcome to battle #3! you’ll remember that Tupelo press recently announced their $10,000 contest has been reduced to $3,000. so for this week, we will compare two writers published by Tupelo.

Rigoberto Gonzalez


Aimee Nezhukumatathil

which author website do you like better and why? or, if you are not into competitions, tell us one thing you like about each. or, if you havent had your morning coffee yet, tell me one thing you dont like about each. how would you describe each website’s “personality quotient?

let the battle begin!

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday Author Website War 3: Gonzalez vs. Nezhukumatathil

  1. Hm, there’s that thing on Aimee’s website with the fonts, as every paragraph in her bio, for example, begins with that super large first letter. That makes the spacing all wonky.

    Her site is sweet and light, that pastel color scheme is very much her personality. I wonder about her author pic, why that off the shoulder allure shot?

    As for Rigo’s site, that Flash again. It’s OK because it only happens that once. With all of those book covers on the index/main page, I wonder if those should link to the books themselves?

  2. i agree. i kept wanting to click on the book covers that came fanning out on rigoberto gonzalez’s home page. nice animation, not overdone. i was confused at first by the reviews link until i realized these were reviews he’d written, not reviews of his books. maybe there could be a way to make this more clear? a very impressive site and resume–if i were an arts organization, i’d call him! he projects an image of a traditionally dignified “man of letters.”

    by contrast, aimee nezhukumatathil’s projects a whimsical, girlish femininity. the decorative vines at the edges remind me a bit of chick lit. i personally love the pics of her dachshund and the irreverence of phrases like “clicky-click here” (okay, i confess i talk that way too w/ my friends). certain people might find it too cute but it like how she’s breaking out of the stuffy mold of serious poetry, yet her bio page shows that she’s definitely a serious professional poet who is also putting her cute feminine side out there. i see this as a kind of activism on her part, a challenge to all those people who think you can’t be feminine and a serious poet, a serious scholar, at the same time. there’s a subversive F-U quality about her author’s pic!

  3. b, i totally agree re the font–the fonts on her other pages are totally inconsistent… wtf. yeah i really like the pastel design–nice and pretty. i am actually going to have an over the shoulder allure photo for my author pic for book 2! look out!

    haha dont be a flash hater! i think it would be cool if they linked. i also like that in his list of books / reviews that there are divider lines…wish i could do that in wordpress…or maybe i can?

    roz, agree about the reviews page..was confused too at first. haha RG is def a ‘dignified man of letters’ !

    i love the pics of the dog too! gives it some personality. but i do not like the “clickity click”–too silly. you’re gonna love my author pic then! tho i’m still shopping for dangly bracelets 😉


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