what happened last tuesday: reading at USF with joshua mohr & craig santos perez

this reading was like coming home: i received my mfa from the university of san francisco in 2006 and my first book was basically my mfa thesis. so to read for the program’s reading series–which i attended many times while in school–was very special to me.

what was also special was having drink & dinner with barbara–who is teaching at usf this semester–before the reading. since she gave invaluable feedback on my manuscript before i had sent it out–and also because i had learned about tinfish press by reading her book.

full circle.

and it became extra extra special to be introduced by my mentor during the mfa, aaron shurin. if you’ve never heard an aaron shurin introduction, you are missing out.

as you can see from the pics, the crowd hated my work–what else is new! but joshua mohr, who also received his mfa from usf and whose first novel was published this year, rocked it.

there was a q&a after and it was filled with many wonderful questions…questions that i had when i was still in the program, so it was nice to offer my perspective. and i once in awhile think it would be nice to go back, relive those too short and too crazy years, but now i most definitely do not ever want to go back. where i am now is nice & peaceful.

will never forget this reading! thanks to all those who came & to the university of san francisco & all the faculty & staff for being so wonderful!


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