more on the Ana Castillo reading

apparently there was some drama surrounding the reading caused by a racist/homophobic/sexist blogpost (written by a student or former student who receives mail from the english grad listserve): read it here.


You might of [sic] heard that Berkeley English grad students aren’t what they used to be.  You heard right — see below.

Perhaps this Ana Castillo, in addition to reading, can give Rosa a copy of Hooked on Phonics so the poor dear’s no longer illiterate in two languages.  After all, it’s only because they’ve never been handed full funding for a Berkeley literature doctorate that unassimilated Hispanics can’t master English usage and spelling, right?  Or perhaps Miss Hell Obomber, fresh from overtaxing herself talking to sock puppets on the libtard agitprop Sesame Street — and herself an underqualified social promotion — can divert to Berkeley to offer Rosa sum remeedeeyall tootering.

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4 thoughts on “more on the Ana Castillo reading

  1. this savage indignation blogger just sounds like someone who spends a lot of time/energy looking for other people/groups/institutions to blame. s/he seems to want to avoid looking at the *real* problem, which begins somewhere around home. the anger doesn’t even feel based in reality to me, it’s so spewing and misplaced. when i encounter people like this, i just have to shake my head and walk away, and hope they find help someday. unless they come knocking on my door and won’t leave me alone, in which case i make a cell call to my friendly, observant, and fiercely protective rottweiler.

  2. so true. and a good way to deal with such people. just hard to believe that blogger is a berkeley student. haha i like your rottweiler 🙂


  3. is that blogger really a berkeley student? i got the sense they got the message forwarded to them from some friend in the berkeley dept. not that that’s much better. who wants to be in school w/someone who could be forwarding your messages to a nut like that?

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