Exciting News: My Second Book has been Published and is Now Ready for Purchase!!!


I am so excited to announce that my second book has just been published! It’s been a 3-year journey since I started this book and I hope you will support my publisher, Omnidawn Publishing, and buy a copy! Please help me spread the word!

You can read all the blurbs and biographical information, as well as purchase your copy, here: http://omnidawn.com/perez/index.htm

Here’s a blurb from the book:

from unincorporated territory [saina] continues Craig Santos Perez’s epic investigation of Chamorro culture, language, and identity. It is by turns ferocious and elegiac, historical and lyrical; it is a book of generations, of sedimentary language, of the ability and power to say “us,” of how a human family might actually be claimed. Filled with tidal spaces, broken by waves, garlanded by islands of brilliant attention and sub-surface groundings, Perez’s poem convenes an oceanic poetics. But if the indigenous canoe that sails through the book is freighted with immigration and emigration, colonialism and national piracies, its real cargo remains cultural authority and the incontestable wonder of origin. Ancestors weep and dance to have generated such creative reclamation as this poem achieves. Perez inherits, inhabits… and a great poem flows…

–Aaron Shurin, author of King of Shadows

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3 thoughts on “Exciting News: My Second Book has been Published and is Now Ready for Purchase!!!

  1. thanks friends! i better not see my book in your bathroom the next time i’m at the sexy loft 😉


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