4 thoughts on “New Blog Post at the Poetry Foundation

  1. Craig! We met at AWP, briefly. I got excited about your Harriet posts and told you about a literacy-focused service learning project I’m doing at a high school in SF this summer, and then ate some gourmet chocolate (this may not distinguish me much from other people who visited the Omnidawn table). After reading your recent post about the (white) hybrid aesthetic, I’m an even bigger fan – but let me be clear that I’m also not trying to exempt myself from the blind spots you describe. Looks like I can haunt your blog for upcoming readings in the Bay Area – City Lights in June?

    1. hey linnea,

      it was great to meet you! i hope you are recovering from AWP 🙂 & i hope to see you again at a bay area reading!


  2. Very interesting paper on the binary structure of hybridity, Craig. So is this another case of the excluded middle? Or rather middles, the parageneric multiples that course out into “other” territories?

    Gillian Conoley is right: the two-party system pretty much sucks.

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