Poetry for the People & Omnidawn Celebrates National Poetry Month

I am a bit behind on blogging about national poetry month events. Last week, I had the honor of working with the good folks at Poetry for the People at UC Berkeley. The class, taught by Aya de Leon, read my first book. I visited the class, read some poems, and answered questions from the students:

i dont think the students liked my work very much. haters! the next night, i was one of the featured readers at their open mic, which was held at Berkeley Community College. so many talented poets & spoken word artists! Special thanks to Aya & Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner!

some pics from the open mic:

on the following Monday, i read with other Omnidawn authors at Pegasus in Berkeley. such an honor to read with so many amazing poets: robin caton, aaron shurin, paul hoover, norma cole, gillian conoley, george albon, lyn hejinian, bill mayer, and bin ramke! special thanks to rusty morrison & ken keegan! a pic:

more updates tomorrow! xoxo

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