SAMEAPI Awareness Now! at Mills College

Heritage Months at Mills College in Oakland, CA are supported in part by the Ethnic Studies Fund. April was SAMEAPI Awareness Now month. SAMEPI stands for South Asian Middle Eastern Asian Pacific Islander. There were many amazing events at Mills throughout April (check out the schedule here).

The Asian Pacific American Sisterhood Alliance (APISA) was kind enough to invite me to do a talk and reading as part of the festivities last week.

Here’s a description of the event:

Poetry Night with guest poet Craig Santos Perez

“Mapping Diaspora, Navigating Culture, and the Poetics of Being From”

7:00 pm, Thursday, April 29, 2010, Student Union

Come and join us as we welcome Craig Santos Perez. He will speak on immigration, diaspora, culture, mapping, identity, navigation, and poetry.  The Pacific Islander community on campus will honor Craig with a traditional Hawaiian welcome chant of thanks (‘oli lei) and a Tongan dance.  There will be homemade Polynesian delicacies for all to enjoy!

Special thanks to Prof. Christie Chung, all the members of APISA, and to Ciera & Kalisi! Some pics:

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