Andrew Wessels on [Saina]

One of my favorite bloggers, Andrew Wessels, has written about my new book at his blog. An excerpt:

[saina] is put together as a series of fragments that, ostensibly at least, come from multiple longer poems. Each poem is titled “from preterrain” or “from all with ocean views”, and the titles recur throughout the collection.

These recurring titles, and their subsequent recurring forms, become a chorus. The book, which takes the diaspora of the citizens of Guam and the history of Guam as a starting point, is one of the recurrence of voices, the multiplicity and individuality of voices, and the spreading out of voices. The people of Guam no longer have a single locus point of voice. New languages, new cultures overlaying (and imposing) themselves, and new locations all work through the fractured form of the book.

read the entire response here.

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