The National Latino Writers Conference

recently returned from the  8th annual national latino writers conference, held at the national hispanic cultural center in albuquerque, new mexico. i presented at the ‘small press publishing panel,’ talking about achiote press, general advice to those seeking to have their chapbooks published, and the ins & outs of starting your own micropress.

although i was incredibly jetlagged from having just been in hawaii, i had a great time at all the events i was able to attend. i really enjoyed spending some time with rigoberto gonzalez, lydia gil, and maria melendez (you can read maria’s reflections on the conference here). i also really loved chatting with all the attendees about their in-progress manuscripts, their ideas about writing and the publishing world, and their general excitement and anxieties about being a writer still seeking book publication. it wasnt that long ago when i was in their shoes so i ended up leaving feeling more energized about my own writing and publishing practice.

even though i attended as a presenter, i was lucky enough to sit in on the poetry workshop led by juan felipe herrera. he was amazing–such wonderful energy. here are some pics of the venue, the workshop, and the peoples. special thanks to maria & francisco aragon!

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