First Official Review of My New Book!

excited to link to a review of from unincorporated territory [saina] in the online san francisco examiner. here’s an excerpt from the review written by writer and critic LJ MOORE:

Anchored in the wrenching history of the native Chamorro people, [saina] is a book about the plastic, ever-shifting nature of recorded history and identity. Perez composes this story by incorporating what has previously been unincorporated: the amalgamated, bypassed, excluded, adapted, redacted voices that make up the personal and political memory of the island of Guam. Saina is the word in Chamorro for parents, elders, spirits, ancestors, and [saina] the book, begins as a divided, fragmented text built out of four languages (English, Spanish, Japanese and Chamorro), and quoting the voices of family members, military decrees, tourist brochures, records of official transfer, creation stories, government exercises of eminent domain and reports on the contemporary physical and emotional state of the Chamorro people and their lands. Perez takes these seemingly disconnected, disembodied voices and gives them a conjoined body, a paper skin they must inhabit together.

read the full review here.

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