New Work in The Offending Adam

i’m honored to have new work in The Offending Adam. check out issue 26–themed “Claim & Reclaim”–and my particular section is here. special thanks to editor andrew wessels for selecting my work and to ryan winet for writing an awesome introduction to my poems. an excerpt from the intro:

Craig Santos Perez’s work serves as a compelling introduction to this week’s theme: what is reclaimed after occupation, modernization, integration? Having just returned from a family trip in Hawaii, I found these poems wonderfully uncomfortable to read. They stick with you. They don’t ask, but rather demand, rereading. Experiencing Perez’s poems is much like hearing one’s voice replayed from a hidden and aged recording device: when it is played back, we are indicted by the content but intrigued by the rich textures in sound. Through verbal collage and appropriation, Perez shows that reclaiming is a reassembling of what has already been claimed.

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