New Poems in Spiral Orb Two!

special thanks to eric magrane for including one of my poems in Spiral Orb Two! this online journal is one of the most interesting i’ve read in awhile. it’s build upon hyperlinks so when you go to the main page, there is a poem composed of lines from all the contributors’ poems. click any line and it takes you to that poem. so if you click on “no one gave us instructions on how to prepare them”, you will find my poem. within my poem, two phrases are hyperlinked to different poems and so on, spiraling through the entire issue. so cool.

issue two includes work by: Paul Barclay, Dan Beachy-Quick, Nora Boxer, John Bradley, Wendy Burk, Tara Deal, Thomas Fink, Shamala Gallagher, Valyntina Grenier, Morgan Harlow, Eva Heisler, Christine Herzer, Peter O’Mara, Abby Paige, Eleanor Paynter, Craig Santos Perez, Francis Raven, Linda Russo, Brandon Shimoda, Jane Sprague, Lee Stern, Adam Strauss, and an opening poem made up of composted fragments from each of these poets.

what is a spiral orb? from the journal’s website:

A spiral orb is the type of web that spiders from the family of Araneidae weave.

Spiral Orb is also the title of a web poetry journal that appears twice a year in spring and fall. Its first issue launched in April 2010 and its second issue launched in October 2010.

How systems (a poem-system, an eco-system, a human-construct-system like a state or a country, a solar-system, a web-system, a circulatory system, etc.) organize themselves (and are organized) is of great interest. This systems focus may be considered a permaculture poetics. The lyric cross-pollinates the experimental.

Sections (words, phrases, lines) of each poem published in Spiral Orb are embedded with hyperlinks to other poems in Spiral Orb. A composite poem including a fragment from each piece in Spiral Orb serves as the entry piece and table of contents. Hence, Spiral Orbis an experiment in juxtaposition, interrelationships, and intertextuality. Each poem stands on its own, but is also illuminated by its links. Anticipate the poems making contact with one another in an odd and perfect manner.

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2 thoughts on “New Poems in Spiral Orb Two!

  1. That is a pretty amazing journal. Thanks for the info and I second Pita when she said “nice work” I especially love the image at the end of the poem!!!

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