Past Events in Hawaii & Upcoming Events in California

whew it’s been a busy october so far. had the pleasure of visiting adam aitken’s graduate poetry workshop at the university of hawaii (UH) and then i visited susan schultz & adam’s foundations of creative writing graduate class also at the UH. with the official release of my second book and me working diligently on my third book, it was nice to still have some space to discuss my first book and to know that it’s still getting into the hands of new readers. at this point, i’ve either visited in person, skyped, or blogged with prob half a dozen classes at UH, and the students there are so engaging.

last week, i also had the pleasure of skyping with alice te punga somerville’s pacific literature class at the university of victoria, wellington. the students were quite lively and alice is just an amazing scholar and educator. would love to visit in person some classes in new zealand someday!

also last week, i attended adam aitken’s reading at UH, where he is currently the visiting writer. he gave a fantastic reading and i highly recommend you check out his work–especially if you are interested in asian-australian writing. adam is currently editing an anthology of asian-australian writing, which promises to be quite exciting. check out his blog here.

this wednesday, i am heading back to california for about two weeks, with many exciting events in both SoCal and NorCal. Please feel free to come to the public events! and holler at me via facebook, email, or this blog  if you want to hang out 🙂

10/14/10: Class visit at CalArts

10/14/10: Open Mic for Music and Poetry (co-moderated by Caroline Sinavaiana & Craig Santos Perez for the 2010 Conference of Ford Fellows) The Newport Beach Marriot Hotel, BayCliff Room. 8-10 pm.

10/15/10: “Casting a Literary Net: New Chamorro Writing” with Craig Santos Perez, Tanya Taimanglo, and Alison Cuasay. UCLA, 12-2 pm, 193 Humanities Building.

10/17/10: Poetry Reading, Visual Presentation, and Public Conversation with poet Craig Santos Perez & artist Arturo Ernesto Romo-Santillano. 8-10 pm. Outpost for Contemporary Art at 1268 N. Ave. 50, Los Angeles, CA, sponsored by Public Address Los Angeles.

10/19/10: Omnidawn Poetry Reading. Moe’s Bookstore, 2476 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, CA, 7:30 pm. Featuring Norma Cole, Craig Santos Perez, Paul Legault, and Anna Rabinowitz.

10/20/10: Omnidawn Poetry Reading. Books and Bookshelves, 99 Sanchez St, San Francisco, CA, 7:30 pm. Featuring Norma Cole, Craig Santos Perez, Paul Legault, and Anna Rabinowitz.

10/21/10: Lecture,  City College of San Francisco Pacific Studies Lecture Series. Ocean Campus, Multi-Use Building (MUB), Room 130. 2:00-3:30 pm. More info here.

10/28/10: Living Writers Reading Series. University of California, Santa Cruz. Humanities Lecture Hall Room 206, 6:00-7:40 pm. Sponsored by the Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center. More info here.

I will also be conducting a graduate colloquium at UC Santa Cruz and there may also be a Pacific Islander reading/performance in San Francisco, but these events are still being hammered out–so stay tuned 🙂

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