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The Record of Decision is clear that Pågat Village and the surrounding area remain DoD’s preferred alternative for the site of a firing range complex.

ATTEND the public hearing on what impacts the buildup will have on historic properties, including Pågat Village, at Okkodo High School on November 4, 2010, from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.  DoD officials will be on hand to answer your questions.
SIGN the Guam Preservation Trust’s petition to Save Pågat Village.
E-MAIL lynda.aguon [at], Guam’s Historic Preservation Officer, to let her know that you do not support DoD’s plans to build a firing range complex on a site that has such cultural and historic significance. Lynda and Joe Duenas have played a key role in demanding that DoD look at sites other than Pågat.
FORWARD this message to people you know.
5 Misconceptions about DoD’s plans to build a firing range at Pågat:
Misconception #1: DoD plans on building a single firing range at Pågat.
DoD plans on building 5 separate ranges in a “firing range complex” at Pågat, and the area around Pågat.  Final EIS, Vol. 2, Chapt. 2, p. 2-71.
Misconception #2: DoD needs Pågat because it does not have enough land for the firing ranges.
According to the Final EIS, DoD has enough land to build most, if not all, of the firing ranges within its footprint.  Final EIS, Vol. 2, Chapt. 2, p.  2-73.
Misconception #3: DoD is not going to “acquire” any land at Pågat.
DoD plans on “acquiring” approximately 1,090 acres of land for its firing range complex, which will be as big as the villages of Hagåtna and Sinajana combined.  Final EIS, Vol. 9, Appx. F, p. 3-26.  DoD has admitted that this area includes a part of Pågat Village that has been registered as a National Historic Place for over 35 years.
Misconception #4: DoD has guaranteed public access to Pågat on a daily basis.
DoD plans on “acquiring” Pågat and the current access trail to Pågat.  No plans have been made saying what access the public will have to Pågat, and DoD has not guaranteed any public access in the EIS or ROD. If DoD controls Pågat, it will always be free to change any public access plan.
Misconception #5: DoD looked at all reasonable alternatives in the EIS.
DoD decided in 2008, over a year before the Draft EIS was released, that Pågat would be the only alternative considered. Record of Decision, p. 136.    DoD has never presented any other alternative for the firing ranges to the public for comment or review.
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