Report Back: Western Washington University & Kamehameha School

last week i had the pleasure of skyping with grad students in an “avant garde poetry” course at western washington university (they were assigned my second book [saina]). i really enjoyed the q&a because many of the questions focused on the avant-garde aspects of my work. thanks to all the students and a special thanks to prof. oliver de la paz!

yesterday, i had the pleasure of visiting a “pacific literature” high school class at the kamehameha school in oahu, hawaii. these students were also assigned my second book. we started with an energetic q&a–many questions revolved around two sequences in the book: “from all with ocean views” and “from organic acts.” the students made many good connections between the colonial situations of guam and hawaii (kamehameha school is almost entirely native hawaiian students).

after the q&a, we did a little creative writing assignment with the students, based on the poem “from all with ocean views.” they broke into groups and different people in each group had to cull text from three different websites: the honolulu star bulletin (newspaper), the hawaii visitors bureau, and the office of hawaiian affairs websites. then they collaged the text to form a poem. inspired by my work, almost all the groups incorporated some kind of typographical experiment (bold, italics, strikethrough, multi-colored fonts).

hopefully i will be able to post some of their poems, as well as some of their responses to my work soon. for now, here is a short video i took of the students doing this assignment. special thanks to instructor brandy nalani mcdougall!:

ok, i’m off to philly, nyc, and berkeley tomorrow morning, so gotta go finish packing. hope everyone is well!

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One thought on “Report Back: Western Washington University & Kamehameha School

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