Report Back: Philadelphia, New York City, Berkeley

so last week thursday i flew from honolulu and arrived in philadelphia on friday afternoon. after a short shuttle ride, i arrived at the kelly writers house:

special thanks to one of my favorite peoples in the poetry world: michelle taransky, who organized the reading:

i had the pleasure of reading with kevin varrone & cynthia arrieu-king and tyler antwoine. the crowd, unfortunately, booed me the whole time! philly is a tough town:

the next morning, i took the amtrak to new york city. i never took amtrak before, so it was really fun to watch the fall colors stream by:

that afternoon, i presented a talk at the poet’s house with barbara jane reyes and sueyeun juliette lee. my talk was titled “writing culture, write-story” (thinking about the relationship between ethnography and poetry. special thanks to stephen motika for organizing the event:

we had a very lovely audience…one of our audience members was 98 years old!

afterwards, there was a very nice reception. we drank wine as the sun set on a beautiful day. seriously, there is no other place in the world like the poets house. AND, there were many literary luminaries in attendance: rich villar, tara betts, lara stapleton, li yun alvarado, and steven carl:

the next night, i read for kundiman at the verlaine bar. special thanks to joseph legaspi and sarah gambito for organizing the reading. it was a pleasure to read with jason koo and solmaz sharif:

the next night, i read poetry with barbara and juliette at the asian american writers’ workshop. it was really special to be able to talk about our poems at the poets house and then to present our poetry together…such a rare opportunity. special thanks to solmaz sharif and ken chen and everyone at aaww. also, many luminaries in attendance: evie shockley, cathy park hong, bino realuyo, and urayoan noel:

the next morning, i flew to berkeley and dropped dead. then, this morning, i did my last event on this one week swing…a class visit at UC BERKELEY to a native american reading and comp class that read my second book. berkeley, too, is apparently a tough town:

tomorrow morning, i fly back to hawaii. yay! my last event of 2010 is a skype class visit with a documentary poetics course at syracuse university. after that, i have a break until AWP! i hope to see you there!

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