Report Back: Kamehameha High School

long time since my last blog post! happy new year to anyone still out in blog world. had the strange idea for one of my new year’s resolution to be to facebook more, so i’ve been facebooking quite a bit…if we are not yet friends on FB, hopefully we will be soon 🙂 i plan to do more intensive blogging very soon, so stay tuned.

anyhoo, just wanted to report back on a recent visit to Kamehameha High School on the island of Oahu. I visited two sections of English 11 Honors, about 50 students in all who read and discussed my second book. it was a joy to speak with so many intelligent hawaiian students.

here’s a short video of the students doing a group writing assignment, based upon the ALL WITH OCEAN VIEWS sequence in the book:

after the class, kumu brandy nalani mcdougall gave me a tour of their library:

then i got a tour of their pacific collection:

oh look, there’s my first book, hardbound, in the pacific literature section:

one cool thing too was an exhibit featuring some student artwork. this was one of my favorite pieces:

and finally, here’s a view from just outside the library. yes, the campus is so beautiful:

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3 thoughts on “Report Back: Kamehameha High School

  1. Those are some views! Your beautiful book looks wicked in hardback too craig. But is the poetry blogworld dead now? I seem to see a distinct lack of …..errr…. life at the moment in the versosphere….

  2. errr yeah…no, not so dead, just all in their separate corners…but, exciting gig coming up that i hope will bring some new life to at least my little corner of the blogworld 🙂
    and i hope you might be able to participate in–


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