Reading Guam in Unexpected Places

The first: an article at YAHOO NEWS! titled “Guam mulls going its own way,” by Mar-Vic Cagurangan (6/11/11). The article looks at how the military buildup has caused a renewed movement towards re-defining Guam’s political relationship with the United States: Independence? Free Association? Statehood?

One of the interesting aspects about this conversation appearing at YAHOO is that we get to read what Americans think about Guam and our colonial situation (646 comments thus far).

Here’s one my favorites: “Hafa Adai, or Half A Day as in how much islanders work. The national greeting has come to mean the work ethic exhibited by islanders. They want independence and they also want to keep their entitlement checks rolling in. I love the island, but they are so reliant on US aid. If they want to give up all the aid and live off of tourism and leases, then more power to them. But, if they want to keep US Government aid flowing to the island, then I say no way.”

The second: from poet Jenny Drai’s blog. Apparently Jenny was at a party and some woman started talking shit about Guam. Jenny, coincidently was reading my book and she had the book in her purse! What happened next? read her blog to find out 🙂

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