On Teaching New Courses

Teaching is what I enjoy most about my job. I also enjoy that my department gives us a good amount of freedom to shape curriculum. The problem, for me, is there are so many subjects I want to teach that I have gone a little crazy proposing new courses. In the 7 semesters Iʻve been here, Iʻve taught 12 different undergraduate and graduate courses (which means 12 new preps). Although itʻs been fun, if i could do it all over again I would focus on developing, revising, and perfecting 3-4 courses that I could teach over and over. Itʻs way too stressful and anxiety inducing to continuously create new curriculum, syllabi, assignments, lectures, activities, etc. 

Hereʻs a list of the courses I have taught: 


 “Intro to Composition and Rhetoric” (ENG 100) (Fall 2012)

 “International Poetry and the Visual Arts” (ENG 273) (Fall 2011)

“Poetry and Short Fiction” (ENG 313) (Spring 2012)

 “Poetry & Short Fiction” (ENG 313) (Spring 2013)

“Poetry and Food Writing” (ENG 313) (Spring 2014)

 “Literature of the Pacific” (ENG 371) (Fall 2011)

 “Literature of the Pacific” (ENG 371) (Spring 2012)

“Visual Poetry and Poetics” (ENG 416) (Fall 2014)

“Theory and Form of Poetry” (ENG 410) (Spring 2013)

“Poetry Workshop” (ENG 411) (Spring 2014)

“Community-Engaged Poetics” (ENG 461) (Fall 2013)


“21st Century Poetry & Poetics” (ENG 613) (Fall 2012)

“Foundations of Creative Writing” (ENG 625) (Fall 2014)

“Pacific Poetry and Poetics” (ENG 713) (Fall 2013)



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