Wednesday Author Website War Round 2: Cathy Park Hong vs Sandra Beasley


before reading, please do check out this post, where barbara has made an interesting comment–feel free to respond and i will respond also.


so as you might remember, i recently finished my review of cathy park hong’s DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION, which won the barnard women poet’s prize. so i became curious as to who won the most recent barnard prize. the winner was: sandra beasley! i read some of her poems online, and they are fantastic–perhaps she will be kind enough to send me her books! i’ll trade!

so let’s battle. same rules: tell me which author website you like better and why. or, if you are not into competitions, tell me one thing you like about each. or, if you havent had your morning coffee yet, tell me one thing you dont like about each. let the games begin!!!

cathy park hong


sandra beasley


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