Indigenous Theory Class Visit

kantan chamorrita:

Kantan Chamorrita from Guampedia on Vimeo.



United Nations Press Release

Hita Guahan

Time Magazine Blog: “Guam: An Early Casualty of U.S. China Tensions?”

Guampedia entry on “Kulepbla: Snake”

Poetry Foundation 

“Modern Hawaiian writing is part of this resisting and reconstructing process. Consciously anticolonial, my own work is also consciously indigenous. Like most Native people, I do not perceive the world of creative writing as divided into categories of prose and poetry or fiction and nonfiction. Nor do I imagine myself crossing from political resistance into artistic creation and then back again. Life is a confluence of creativities: art is a fluid political medium, as politics is metaphorical and artistic.” Haunani-Kay Trask, “Writing in Captivity: Poetry in a Time of Decolonization”


Guam Inifresi (Pledge of Allegiance) by Bernadita Camacho Dungca, 1991. Song performed by Zach Lujan:



Ginen I mas Takhelo’ gi Hinasso-ku

            I Mas Takhalom gi Kurason-hu yan

            I Mas Figo’ na Nina’siña-hu, hu

            Ufresen Maisa yu’ para bai hu

            Prutehi yan Difende I Hinengge,

            I Kottura, I Lengguåhi, I Aire I Hanom yan

            I Tano’ Chamorro ni’ Irensiå-ku Direchu Ginen

            as Yu’os Tåta. Este hu Afitma gi hilo’ I

            Bipblia yan I Banderå-hu, I Banderan



Hurao Return Home (featuring Jay Pascua):

Melvin Won-Pat Borja at DEIS hearing:

Kisha Borja-Kicho’cho’:

Pa’a Taotao Tano at Pagat Protest:
Team Guahan at Brave New Voices:

Team Guahan at Brave New Voices (2):

Erica Benton:

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