this is a wonderful site: more than minor characters:women of the beat


and check out nicholas’s new THE CONTINENTAL REVIEW, which focuses on VIDEO REVIEWS and other VIDEO related poetics. in their submission guidelines, they require you record your VIDEO REVIEW in the nude, so that should be interesting.


i FINALLY finished reading POET BE LIKE GOD, the Spicer and SF/BERKELEY renaissance bio writ by killian. i have a secret fetish for artist/writer bios, but this one was incredibly depressing…not because he died (which was almost expected by me) but because he didnt really live. apparently he was also ugly and had a small penis and really liked baseball. HOW DEPRESSING…i bet killian writes those amazon reviews everyday just to cheer himself up from working on the bio.


and here is poem for today:


in rain-
faint air a silk-
worm threaded between two choke-
cherry trees



3 thoughts on “

  1. Has anyone already answered? It’s Spicer’s “This ocean, humiliating in its disguises.”

  2. you should put together a book of these.

    i think ‘acorn’ would probably take some of these. they pay in dollar bills.



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